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Seth T Kelley

A Little Bit About Me

      As a middle schooler, I modded games like Crysis 2 and  Glest introducing me to the world of game dev. Throughout my remaining years in school I spent slightly too much time working on overambitious game projects.

      Through that experience, I developed a particular set of skills that got me in the door with multiple small indie teams. With time, I developed friends and connections that helped me both improve and secure work as a remote freelancer.

These days I work as a Technical Artist and Developer, enjoying most challenges I encounter on my journey.

Check out the rest of my website to see some of my most recent work!


Would you like to work together or simply chat about a project? Don't hesitate to contact me.

For fast inquiry, I'm easiest to reach through Discord.






Game Development

  • Unity3D 5 - 2019+
    • C# Programming with Visual Studio
    • Virtual Reality Development using an HTC Vive with the SteamVR plugin
    • High-level Visual Effects
    • Shader Development Using Visual Studio, Amplify Shader Editor and Shader Graph
    • Level Design and Optimization
    • Post-Processing
    • Editor Tooling
    • Asset Organization

  • Graphics
    • Programs: Blender 3D, Photoshop, Substance Painter 2
    • Modelling(Generalist)
    • Texturing & Photo Manipulation
    • Sculpting and Baking
    • Rigging and Animation
    • Simulation(Smoke, Fire, Water, Cloth, Fracture, etc)

  • Also experienced in Cryengine 3 and Unreal Engine 4, before moving to Unity 5

Video and Photo Editing

  • Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder for video editing and encoding
  • Blender and After Effects for Motion/Camera Tracking and VFX
  • Photoshop and GIMP for Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation


  • Hardware
    • Configuration and Maintenance of both Desktops and Laptops
    • Proper Cleaning Methodologies
    • Basic Phone Repair (Screen Repair and Troubleshooting)
  • Software
    • Programming Knowledge (mostly C#, some Python)
    • Operating System Installation & Maintenance
    • Revitalizing Out-Dated Computers
  • Some networking experience