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My Path Forward

      My game development journey started way back in middle school staying up late modding Crysis and Glest. This passion grew and grew with my spending slightly too much time working on overambitious game projects over the years.

      Over time I developed a particular set of skills that got me in the door with multiple small indie teams. With time, I developed friends and connections that helped me both improve and secure work as a remote freelancer.

These days I work mainly as a Programmer and Technical Artist, though I may also be found working on visual effects, animations and simulations!

Check out the rest of my website to see some of my most recent work!


Would you like to work together or simply chat about a project? Don't hesitate to contact me.

For fast inquiry, I'm easiest to reach through Discord.






Game Development


    • C# Programming with JetBrains Rider 
    • Understanding of C# Performance
      • Burst, Jobs, Native Collections
      • Multi-Threading & Parallelism
      • Allocations and Garbage Collection
      • 'Unsafe' Code
    • Visual Effects / Particles / Shader Effects
    • Shader Development
      (Rider, Amplify, Shader Graph)
    • Level Design and Optimization
    • Lighting & Post Processing
    • Editor Tooling
    • VR Experience

  • Some experience with Unreal Engine 4/5, with desire to grow in this area!



    • Modelling (Generalist)
    • Rigging and Animation
    • Simulation(Fire, Water, Cloth, etc)

Video & Photo

    • Motion Tracking and VFX
    • Graphic Design
    • Photo Editing
    • Video Editing


Blender, Photoshop/Affinity, Substance Painter, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder and Handbrake